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Gubot good project is suitable for the majority of people to

Date: Aug 01, 2018

Most office workers have been suffering from inflation that is swallowing up a small number of deposits by the people, and at the same time being overwhelmed by high house prices. Everyone is not lacking in financial management, but many people lack the correct financial management methods. For example, if you invest in a real estate property, the property has a minimum down payment of 500,000 yuan in the prime location, and the loan has to be returned by itself. Is this the purchase of assets or the purchase of debt? Just for the investment but to let yourself carry the monthly repayment and the pressure of the house price collapse, is this investment really worth it?
To do the physical industry is more suitable for about 300,000 market capital, but the market entity projects are first put into fixed service assets and then slowly return to the original, such as food and beverage education car wash. If you are a pure investment, you do not participate in full-time, you must find a good project to find the right person, preferably a continuous entrepreneur, has accumulated a certain resource threshold. Those who have certain assets and stable jobs will resign and go from the market to zero. It is not necessarily able to withstand the pressure.
Gubot good project is suitable for the majority of people to
Lao Ma, who lives in Hangzhou West, is engaged in mechanical design work in a traditional heavy industry enterprise in the future Science and Technology City. After graduation, he has been a project manager. Now he is 35 years old. He has a wife, a child, a house, a car and a deposit, and this income is no longer Stable work that can't go up. In the eyes of outsiders, the days are full of happiness. In fact, the old horse family has been working hard to increase the amount of education for children. At present, only the English training fee for children is 36,000 a year, and the parent-child swimming program is 28,000 a year. The kindergarten fee for admission to the school is also 100,000 a year.
At the beginning of May, a well-thought-out decision made the old horse resurrected. He took out part of the family deposit and joined a Gubate Auto Life Museum project in Shanghai. Introduced Gubate's nano car wash system and hub wire drawing machine and Fermi electrostatic wheel spray system. China is a big automobile country, and the automobile aftermarket has a very potential market. The store of Lao Ma has been highly recognized by the market. Every day, since the opening of the business, I have earned a lot of money. The old horse is excited to see such considerable business data every day. The Gubite Innovation and Technology Project is creating greater value.