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The prospect of the car wash shop is very wide

Date: Aug 06, 2018

I want to open a car wash shop to join
In recent years, car wash is usually the main project of drainage, which is the basic project of car beauty shop. Many car beauty shops are drained by free car wash or lower car wash price when the source is unstable. When the traffic flow comes up, the traditional car wash has become the “chicken rib” project of the store, which wastes time and does not make money.
First, the status quo of the car wash industry
Due to the low barriers to entry in the industry, the government lacks supporting land and policy guidance. There are too many car wash shops, and the homogenization and low quality are serious. The vicious competition problem is the current status of the post-market car wash industry. Most car wash projects are dominated by car beauty shops or other comprehensive clothing stores, lacking standardized processes and supervision by relevant departments.
The prospect of the car wash shop is very wide
Second, the reasons for this situation
1. A wrong estimate of market demand. Many store operators believe that the current car ownership is getting higher and higher, car consumption is constantly upgrading, and the demand for car washing is only increasing. The car wash project blossomed everywhere, which led to a series of vicious competition.
2. The change of consumer concept. With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption concept, cars have shifted from luxury goods to daily necessities. Car owners are investing less and less in car beauty and decoration, and the demand for car washing is gradually decreasing.
3, technology is not closed. Many stores only regard car washing as a way to attract customers, and there is no high demand for car wash technology. Many car washes in the stores are interns. The technical mastery of the car wash process is not comprehensive enough. In the end, not only can the car not be washed well, but it is also easy to wash the car.
4, the store is not professional. The store environment, hygiene and tools are very messy in many stores, and customers will have a bad experience when they enter the store. The owner of the car will not choose to wash the car in the car beauty shop where the sewage is flowing and the debris is thrown away.
Third, how to change this situation
1. Upgrade the storefront. Nowadays, many car wash shops are still very simple workshops, and the employees have not undergone professional technical training. According to the requirements of the current owners, such stores are already very difficult to make profits. The first step in getting a car wash project is to upgrade the storefront. It looks clean and tidy, and then the relevant professional layout, so that the owner can believe that the car wash is good.
2. Improve technology. Car wash must also be carefully done every step, knowing the professional knowledge, process flow, rendering effect, product use and so on. And can answer the relevant questions of the owner, can tell the reason and effect of each step. This will allow customers to believe in your professionalism.
3. Control time. The owner does not have much time to waste on the car wash, the car wash is fast and good, in order not to lose customers. Professional training for employees through store location layout, car wash equipment and tools, and technology changes.