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Customer visiting us for wheel diamond cut machine

Date: May 14, 2019

  Today our customer Terry  from Australia visited our company for wheel diamond cut machine.
  We met with each other at Automechanika Shanghai last December. At first, he is not interested in our equipments, but after communication during these months, he said it is very necessary to arrange a visit as he has been in this automotive aftermarket for many years.
  During his visiting, I said more and more car manufacturers like BMW, AUDI, and Volkswagen are using diamond cut wheels for their new cars, which means the needs of diamond cut wheels repairing will have a very big bright future. And Terry can’t agree with it any more.
Customer visiting us for wheel diamond cut machine
  After a brief introduction of our company, I brought them to our work shop, the place where we training our customers from all over the world. We also showed him how the wheel diamond cut machine works on site: Laser scanning, automatic diamond cutting, Smooth independent research and development system, all these good advantages make it very easy to operate and so on.
  Our perfect train system and professional workers gave Terry a very deep impression. He kept saying that this visit is the most valuable and he’d like to introduce our whole projects into their local market in Australia.