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What is the price of automatic car washing machine

Date: Oct 22, 2019

  At present, the car wash industry is an emerging industry and the overall development trend is good. Nowadays, many gas stations will also add some free vehicle services in order to attract business, such as how many cars can be automatically washed once. This way not only eases the anxiety of waiting for fuel, but also increases the popularity of the gas station.
  Automatic car washing machine:
  Advantages: Car wash speed is fast. You can wash your car continuously. The time to wash a car alone is basically 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
  However, the continuous speed is fast. Suitable for washing more than 120 cars a day.
  Disadvantages: The site requirements are strict, and the cost of the customer's previous site construction is also relatively large. Water consumption and power consumption are also a little more.
  First, the quality of the automatic car washing machine needs to be excellent:
  The environment in which the car washer is located is so humid that its stability and reliability are very important. Choosing a good car wash machine can achieve better life time and reduce failures in this complex environment.
  Second, the automatic car washing machine work efficiency must be guaranteed:
  The efficiency of the car washing machine directly affects the income of the merchant. Therefore, when purchasing a car washing machine, you need to pay attention to its automatic washing machine automatic control level, technical level, switch control and program control.
  Tunnel type automatic washing machine
  Third, after-sales service and maintenance of the car washing machine:
  Excellent car washing machine is also inseparable from the supporting maintenance and after-sales service. Therefore, the strength of the manufacturer's after-sales service team is also an important factor affecting the use of the car washing machine and the operation of the store, which will directly affect the life time of the car washing machine.