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New steam car wash machine GBT-NMA300 is for sale

Date: May 16, 2019

  With the increasing shortage of global water resources, the traditional car wash industry faces enormous challenges, and new technologies have emerged to bring us new reforms to the car wash industry. That is our nano steam car wash machine.
New steam car wash machine GBT-NMA300 is for sale
  Compared with the traditional car wash method, the nano steam washing machine has the following advantages:
  1. Save water. It takes only 1~2L of water to wash a car, which greatly saves water resources and avoids water wasting.
  2. No chemical cleaner is required. Avoid water pollution;
  3. It can clean the interior, air conditioning pipes and other places where traditional car wash methods cannot be cleaned. Our unique nano-steam principle allows steam to easily clean the car's engine and interior, and its unique endoscope function allows you to easily clean the dirt hidden in the evaporation box;
  4. The equipment has two steam guns and a high-pressure water gun, which can meet the needs of many people at the same time, making the car wash more efficient!
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  Nano steam car wash machine, the leader in the car wash industry!