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How much is the rim wire drawing machine

Date: May 17, 2019

  Nowadays, the number of cars is increasing, people are paying more and more attention to car beauty and maintenance, and the transformation of car wheel hubs has been sought after by everyone. Here we have to mention the brushed rim of the brushed road, not only the metal cool, but also the quality of the car. More car manufacturers are making a fuss about the wire-drawing wheels. The demand for wire-drawing machine tools on the market has come into being. How much is the rim wire drawing machine? Here is a simple understanding of the friends you care about:
  At present, there are two kinds of rim wire drawing machines: semi-automatic rim wire drawing machine, fully automatic CNC rim wire drawing machine, semi-automatic rim wire drawing machine: the rim drawing effect is relatively stable, basically all rely on manual operation, the efficiency is relatively low. The machine tools have basically been replaced by fully automatic CNC machine tools, after all, the technology is being updated. How much is the rim wire drawing machine? At present, the regular manufacturer's semi-automatic rim wire drawing machine is priced at 20,000-30,000.
How much is the rim wire drawing machine
  Fully automatic CNC rim wire drawing machine: As the name suggests, all are mechanized operations instead of manual. Efficiency, performance, effects, etc. all meet the requirements of high standards, then in the fully automatic CNC rim wire drawing machine is divided into: probe type and infrared type scanning. How much is this kind of CNC rim wire drawing machine? Gu Baite factory direct sales, no intermediate links, buyers can go directly to the factory to purchase, one-on-one free learning technology, and all the rib wire drawing machines of Gu Bai Te factory direct sales, all can Remote assistance to help users solve the above problems in daily operation, and really use it safely after sale. At present, such machine tools are generally around 4-5 million depending on the purchase situation.
  How much is the wheel drawing machine? Regarding the quality choice, the benevolent sees the wise and sees the wisdom that you will have a wise choice, choose Gu Bai Te to open the road of wealth! Gu Baite automatic rim wire drawing machine manufacturer, has 16 machine tool patent certificates, In 2017, it won the National Technology Innovation Fund. Gubite has more absolute market advantages and allows more users to use it safely and safely.