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What makes a steam car wash different?

Date: May 20, 2019

  The creation of a new product will inevitably lead to the development of many enterprises. When you see which products have a market, many manufacturers will surely flock to it, so there will be many different brands of steam washing machines, which will cause manufacturers' interest and development. The products must have their differences and unique features. So, where is his uniqueness, which brand is better and attracts customers' eyes? Let's analyze the difference of the steam car washing machine.
What makes a steam car wash different?
  The innovative car wash mode of the steam car wash machine uses high pressure steam for car washing. Because of its no-water discharge characteristics, the amount of water required for a car wash is greatly reduced. In addition, the thermal decomposition function of high-pressure steam can easily remove various stains on the surface of the vehicle without using detergent, and no sewage is generated. The environment causes pollution. It can also be intelligently controlled, heated and gasified to ensure continuous supply of steam, automatic heating control, automatic heating stop when water shortage or over temperature. In addition, the steam washing machine is energy-efficient, the machine can start producing gas in 5 seconds, without shutting down, reducing standby loss, starting fast, pressure enough, no attenuation.
  Moreover, the dry and wet can be adjusted, and the different steam dryness can be adjusted according to the different positions of the cleaning body, so that a better cleaning effect can be achieved. More time-saving and labor-saving is that the steam washing machine is equipped with casters, no external power supply, self-contained water tank, battery, etc., easy to move, in-store operations, on-site service are convenient. In the storefront, the store operates in a large traffic area. While providing car washing services, it can provide consumers with car maintenance and gain more.
  It can be seen that the steam car washing machine brings a lot of benefits to people, from time-consuming and labor-saving to festival time, from car washing in the store to washing the car anytime and anywhere. At the same time, it also provides convenience to the seller, which saves cost and has outstanding advantages and is easy to occupy. market.