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The difference between nano car wash and steam car wash

Date: May 21, 2019

  Steam car wash (original, backward)
  1: Steam washing machine is derived from industrial equipment modification. It has appeared more than ten years ago. The market is chaotic, the technology is relatively backward, the water spray is uneven, the water temperature is generally high (above 40°), and the hand feel is not good. It is easy to damage the body paint film.
  2: The built-in boiler is used to convert water into steam after high temperature and high pressure, and is cleaned by high temperature and high pressure steam. The dust on the surface of the vehicle body is reduced with the penetration of steam to achieve the cleaning effect.
  3: The body is cleaned by high-temperature and high-pressure steam, which can achieve the effect of ordinary washing. For a car that has not been cleaned for a long time, it needs to be done with a cleaning agent, which has certain limitations.
  Gu Bai Te Nano Car Wash (Technology, Innovation)
  1: Gubot's innovative technology equipment exclusively developed for the automotive aftermarket has a high innovative design and environmentally friendly process concept. The plasma high-frequency heating module is used to rapidly vaporize liquid water to form a constant temperature (20-30°) high-pressure gas. Water molecules can clean the car body quickly and clean the engine compartment.
  2: Through the nano-cleaning system gasification generating device, the water is subjected to deep filtration and high-pressure atomization to form sterile nano water molecules, and the dirt adhering to the surface of the automobile and the parts is quickly softened, thereby achieving the effects of rapid cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
  3: The high-pressure water molecules after atomization can easily remove the stubborn dirt on the surface of the car body and the interior, do not hurt the paint, do not pollute the environment; ultrasonic vibration, while the nano-high-pressure water molecules contain a characteristic environmentally-friendly nano-coating, the car is in After cleaning, there is a waxing effect, which makes the car look new. Because the water content is very small, the engine compartment can be directly cleaned without damaging the circuit. The oil and carbon deposit on the engine surface can be cleaned as new.