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alloy wheel straightening machine

Date: Jun 18, 2019

Nowadays, wheel repair has become an indispensable aftermarket service project. When it comes to car repair, it is necessary to mention the alloy wheel straightening machine, which not only save costs, but also saves raw materials and protects the environment!
alloy wheel straightening machine
Among them, the alloy wheel straightening machine is only one of the wheel repair kits, and the alloy wheel straightening machine is the first step of the straightening, and the wheel hub cutting machine, the automatic wheel hub spraying equipment and the smart oven are also matched.
Use the alloy wheel straightening machine to correct the deformed wheel hub, then use the hub wire drawing machine to repair the surface rust and scratch, etc., to ensure the metal texture and smoothness of the wheel surface; finally, the fully automatic wheel hub spraying system and the oven ensure the final colorful popularity of the wheel hub. .
Three-piece together, indispensable; otherwise, the wheel repair will not get a complete repair service, but in the actual operation, many problems can not meet the customer's requirements.
Three-in-one, supporting services, and more systematic service, please ensure customer satisfaction and provide one-stop service for the hub.
Make your car more beautiful and safe.
alloy wheel straightening machine
I have seen a few matching equipment here, it seems to be a supplier in Shanghai!
In the equipment for wheel repair, China is doing a better job!
I have been to meet some manufacturers in Shandong province, and the overall feeling is relatively bad.
There is nothing but cheap, no independent research and development team, and no design team.
I value Shanghai's supplier, Shanghai Gubot Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., which is said to have received the support of the Shanghai Municipal Government. The background is strong and trustworthy!