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Perfect show at Dubai

Date: Jun 20, 2019

Last week our company went to Dubai for a show with our steam car wash machine. It is our first time to attend to the show in overseas, and we don’t know if we can get peoples attention.
And during the show, this concern doesn’t exist. Because lots of people visited our stand and show great interest to our steam car wash machine. There have one customer who gave us a very deep impression. He visited our stand and asked what’s the difference with the others, and is there any particular for this machine. We said we have the functions that they don’t have. And we showed him the functions. After that, he said very gladly that this is the machine he want and bought the machine directly.
Perfect show at Dubai
And after the show, he invited us to come to his workshop, it is really a good match with the car.
This show has given us lots of confidence to move further.  And we welcome customers from all over the world come to us for a deep cooperation.