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The development of domestic automotive aftermarket

Date: Jun 20, 2019

There are different definitions in the automotive aftermarket. There are three main definitions: one of the definitions is the car-related costs incurred by consumers in the process of using the car, specific repair, maintenance, spare parts, beauty, modification, oil And other services; the second definition is all the services required by the owner after the vehicle is sold; the third definition is the organic components of the automobile industry chain, including financial services in the field of automobile sales, car rental, insurance, advertising, decoration, maintenance. , repair and maintenance; daily running oil; driving school, parking lot, club friends, rescue system, traffic information service, used car, etc.;
The domestic automotive aftermarket can be divided into four stages of development:
The first stage was the beginning of the automotive aftermarket in 1990-1996: Basically the official car; the second stage is 1997-2006, and also the high-speed development stage of the automotive aftermarket service target: official vehicles, private cars 15%; the third stage is 2007-2010, the automotive aftermarket. The shuffling stage. Clients: private cars, 50% of official cars 50%; the fourth stage is after 2011, the car after the market development stage: the private car, each region has 2-3 regional leading stores or  brands In the fast repair fast insurance store and the 4S station in parallel, foreign auto service chain giants enter China, and other individual stores must choose their own development path.
The development of domestic automotive aftermarket
The automotive aftermarket is facing a historic development opportunity
The aftermarket of automobiles is the most stable source of profit in the industrial chain, accounting for 60-70% of the total profit. In 2005, the output value of the domestic auto supplies industry reached 42 billion RMB, and the output value of the maintenance industry was 41 billion RMB.  By 2010, the total scale exceeded 190 billion RMB. Yuan; It is estimated that by 2015, the total scale will exceed 700 billion RMB. At present, there are more than 300,000 auto beauty decoration repair manufacturers officially registered in China, and more than 9,000 auto beauty salons (excluding roadside shops). And the car sales market is increasing at an annual rate of 30%; the after-sales service amount of each car is about twice the price of the car, and it is scrapped in 10 years; plus the awareness of the overall car after-sales maintenance service of the private car owner is enhanced. Therefore, China's automotive aftermarket faces a historical development opportunity.
Facing such a huge market opportunities, how to seize the opportunity has been placed in front of every auto industry. To sum up, the auto industry has two roads to choose from: First, develop self-branding, and become stronger and bigger. The second is to cooperate with international automotive service brands and work together for common development.
With years of developing, Gubot has become a quite popular brand in automotive aftermarket. More and more people are choosing to cooperate with us and work together with us to make Gubot brand stronger and bigger.