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Wheel maintenance

Date: Jun 20, 2019

The aluminium alloy wheel hub has won the favour of more and more private car owners with its beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. Almost all new models use aluminium alloy wheels, and many owners have replaced the original steel wheel hubs with aluminium alloy wheels.
Wheel maintenance
Here, I will introduce the maintenance methods of aluminium alloy wheels:
1. When the temperature of the hub is high, it should be cleaned naturally and then cleaned. Never use cold water to clean it. Otherwise, the aluminium alloy wheel hub will be damaged, and even the brake disc will be deformed to affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminium alloy wheel hub with a cleaning agent at a high temperature causes a chemical reaction on the surface of the hub, which loses luster and affects the appearance.
2. When the wheel is covered with tar that is difficult to remove, if the general cleaning agent does not help, you can use the brush to try to remove it, and clean it with the special wheel detergent.
Wheel maintenance
3. If the vehicle is wet, the hub should be cleaned to avoid corrosion of the aluminium surface.
4. After cleaning, if necessary, the wheel hub can be waxed and maintained to keep its gloss forever.