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Rim straightening machine

Date: Jun 24, 2019

Rim straightening machine is one of the indispensable services in the automotive aftermarket. The car will suffer a certain degree of deformation of the wheel due to various road conditions during driving. However, slight deformation does not affect the repairing of the wheel, and for the employer It also greatly saves the cost of replacement.
Therefore, in the automotive aftermarket, the service of wheel repair has occupied a certain market, and its status cannot be shaken.
Rim straightening machine
Shanghai Gubot Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. not only provides equipment and services for wheel repair, but also a full range of equipment supply in the automotive aftermarket. Wheel repair equipment is only the tip of the iceberg in its equipment list!
The wheel repair series also has a hub wire cutting machine, a fully automatic wheel hub spraying device, and a wheel hub smart oven!
Rim straightening machine
Providing one-stop service, my friends in Dubai bought a three-piece set of Rim straightening /dried /cutting machine from them a few days ago.
These mechanical systems are used to better solve the problem of wheel repair problems in one stop.
When it comes to Rim straightening machine , these devices have their own unique advantages, unlike other devices on the market.
Rim straightening machine
Speaking of this wheel cutting machine, the cutting process is smooth and high-precision, and its control system is intelligent control. It is not only easy to operate, but also easy to upgrade its system. It adopts the Internet method and automatically upgrades the system with the headquarters to ensure the shooting and the The characteristics of the times are always out of date!