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How to judge a good Rim polishing Equipment?

Date: Jun 27, 2019

How to judge a good Rim polishing Equipment
Wheel rim edge repairs often face problems that cannot be fixed.
The edge repairing is also a difficult problem in repairing the wheel hub. Many of the most popular wheel repair products on the market can not solve this problem well, and more often use the manual grinding method to repair the edge . .
The process of manual repair not only waste labor time, but more importantly, the obsolescence of the equipment leads to the boss's investment not being rewarded, and the customer's experience is not ideal, which leads to a series of post-operation problems.
Moreover, in the repair, there are many Rim polishing Equipment on the market due to the backward design concept, which leads to many limitations in the use of the device. For example, if the hub is fixed, if the central shaft is not fixed, the hub will be offset to the center of the circle, and the brush repair will be uneven and tilted. Secondly, the wheel repairing edge cannot be treated in a limited way, which causes the customer to use the irregular edge to easily cut the palm and the tire, posing a great threat to the customer driving the vehicle. In addition, the rim scanning is incomplete, using old technology, using probe technology to detect the contour of the rim surface, far less accurate than laser scanning. The most important thing is the device operating system. Many Rim polishing Equipment on the market have no way to control the software to update regularly, and the operation can not be intelligent, which causes many problems for the long-term use of customers.
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