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Is gubot's wheel repair equipment ok?

Date: Jul 05, 2019

As more and more people have cars,there are more and more alloy wheels that need to repair.When the surface was broken,but they don't want to change a new one,just want to repair it.GUBOT wheel repair machine could help them solve this problem,he wheel will be more shiny even more newer after using GUBOT machine.

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Advantages of gubot devices:

1.Laser scan:the machine use laser detection,don't need programming.

2.Remote control:Gubot support remote assistance,wireless online.

3.Remember function:This machine has remember function,and the machine can remember the same where program.so next time we don't need to scan again and directly cutting if the where is the same.

4. Easy study: It's very easy to studyhow to operation. Usually you only needhalf an day will know how to operate..

Is gubot

5. The machine base is steel,high accura-cy rail . And gubot use the best servo motor.

6. Automatic lubrication system, highspeed.

7. The max repair wheel diameter is24inch.