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Gubot wheel repair machine advantage

Date: Jul 09, 2019

Gubot wheel repair machine advantage:

1. The lathe rotates at a high speed, and the working state can reach 2500 rpm or more, and the rotational speed is adjustable.

2. High degree of automation, can adapt to complex wheel hub machining, only need to use the "take the hub curve" function for different hubs to obtain the processing data of the hub, and can save the obtained curve data for repeated processing. You can also use the original data processing provided by our company.

Gubot wheel repair machine advantage

3. Easy to use, the entire lathe is easy to use and simplifies operation. It can be used with a little training.

4. Superior stability, independent research and development, using the most sophisticated components, to create a cost-effective wheel repair machine.

Gubot wheel repair machine advantage