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Normal methods to refurbishment a wheel

Date: Jul 09, 2019

The surface technology of the hub is divided into: baking, diamond cutting, polishing, imitation plating, electroplating. Everyone knows that there are problems such as scratches, corrosion, yellowing, breakage, and deformation of the hub during use of the hub. Of course, the problem of wheel damage is the same, but now the repair and renovation of the wheel hub is mostly repaired by the original technology, so the different wheel surface processes and repair methods are different. There are two main popular ways now.

Normal methods to refurbishment a wheel

Wheel Diamond Cutting repair

The surface of the diamond cutting wheel is very dynamic, but the refurbishment of such wheels has strict requirements on the process. This repair work should use a professional wheel diamond cut machine and drying oven, according to the original process of wheel hub repair, quality assurance, safe and reliable, so that the repaired wheel hub meets the original factory standards.

Normal methods to refurbishment a wheel

Wheel plating repair

The electroplated wheel has a mirror-like bright appearance, dazzling appearance, noble chrome gloss and good corrosion resistance, but the refurbished wheel needs professional plating equipment, vacuum machine and technician. Strictly in accordance with the original process of electroplating hubs, the wheeled hub is not only beautiful in appearance, but also greatly improved in corrosion resistance.