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Wheel repairing

Date: Jul 10, 2019

The wheel hub is the most important part of a car, because it has the most direct connection with the ground, so the wheel will inevitably be hurt, now the wheel is hurt, we can do the wheel repairing, then what is the wheel repairing?

Wheel repairing

Wheel repairing depends on the situation to choose different wheel repairing schemes, and must not be repaired, how to repair ?

Today, we follow the Shanghai Gubot experts to see the wheel repairing schemes in two situations, let us study together;

When the wheel is deformed , how we do repairing ?

Because the wheel hub is responsible for bearing weight in the car, it often hits the collision, so we will find that the long-term use will not only deform the tire, but also the wheel hub will deform, so how to repair the wheel hub, if Carry out wheel repairing?

Wheel repairing

The main method of wheel repairing: the deformation of the hub is sure that the hub is uneven. At this time, we need to pad the place where the hub is concave, and then use professional equipment to flatten it. At this time, you will find that he is not very flat. This is a normal phenomenon. At this time, we started to paint, and then we flatten the uneven parts when painting. Finally, we wait for the paint to dry. When it is dry, Have a new wheel!

Although the wheel repairing helped us solve the problem of deformation. However, we all know that if the metal material is damaged too many times, it will be easy to break, so the hub is the same. If the number of renovations is too much, it will affect its original quality, and then it will be broken when subjected to collision, so it must be refurbished. Consultation is good in renovation.