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Wheel repairing machine

Date: Jul 11, 2019

My wheel was scratched some how .

Wheel repairing machine

Anyone can you repair it with Wheel repairing machine ? How much is it? will be repaired in one month?

The car is a new one, it only was bought for 1 month ago.

Aluminum alloy? Bad repairing is worse than buying one. What kind of car is yours? If the damage is not serious, it can be repaired with Wheel repairing machine . The repaired performance is completely new. Although it is totally as new, it looks very good!!

My wheel last time I drove into the big pit (there was water in the big pit, I couldn't see it at night, the result was very deep). The two tires on the right all exploded, and the wheel was also scratched very badly. I took it to repair the two wheels with Wheel repairing machine . Repair 500 yuan, the effect is very good after the repairing!!

Wheel repairing machine

Automobile Wheel repairing machine generally needs about 8,000 yuan, and this set of equipment can be used publicly. Repairing the headlights and quick repairs is a set of equipment. If the hub is deformed, it needs to be corrected by a plastic machine. More than 9,000, I don't know on the market. The following is a picture of the equipment and shaping machine for wheel repair.