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alloy wheel polishing machine

Date: Jul 15, 2019

What's the best thing you can do to improve the look and performance of your car? Ask just about anybody and you'll hear "Wheels and Tires".

alloy wheel polishing machine

How do you make that pre-owned Mercedes look like new? Do something about those faded and pitted wheels! Mercedes are blessed with some of the best brakes in the industry but, that brake dust will permanently pit the wheels if left there for several heat cycles.

Are repainted or repaired wheels as good as new? To find answers to these questions and more the MercedesShop team decided to pay Rennsport a visit.

We began by inspecting some recent arrivals. A few of these wheels looked to us like they were ready for the junkyard! Robb assured us that they were very repairable by use alloy wheel polishing machine.

alloy wheel polishing machine

With a mix of artisan level craftsmanship and modern proprietary tools Rennsport is able to restore nearly any wheel to better than factory specs.

One of the machines that helps accomplish this involved task is the Bridgeport Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathe. The CNC lathe machines curved surfaces to within .002 of an inch. The programmer, George Robinson, has most of the Mercedes wheels already preprogrammed. Programming for a new style of wheel takes about an hour, while the actual machining process takes only a few minutes. The end result is a quick and highly accurate resurfacing of nearly any shape.

Our worker each wheel to match the original factory color perfectly. Customers may also specify optional custom paint or paint-polish combinations. A heat bake drying system ensures the curing time is kept to minimum and the quality to the maximum