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Gubot was invited to participate in the 8th China [Three For

Date: Jul 26, 2019

The 8th China Scientist Educator Entrepreneur Forum will be held soon, and Chen Haifang, the general manager of Shanghai Gubot Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., received an invitation from the forum.

Gubot was invited to participate in the 8th China [Three For

In order to thoroughly implement the "Deepening the reform of the science and technology system, the establishment of a technology innovation system with enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, deep integration of production, education and research, strengthening support for SMEs' innovation, and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements" . This forum focuses on companies with strong strengths in various industries, and invites the core figures of the company to share their entrepreneurial experience and successful experiences. Shanghai Gubot can get an invitation from this forum to explain the influence of Gu Ba Te in the industry and also prove the super strength of Gubot brand.

As the forum sponsors said: China's economic development must attach great importance to the protection of the environment, the rapid development of China's economy has led to environmental damage and pollution is very serious. The purpose of science and technology development is to improve the people's living standards. Once the environment continues to deteriorate, it is difficult for people to obtain true happiness. Based on the outstanding environmental characteristics of Shanghai Gubot products, whether it is environmental protection and cleaning, remanufacturing, or supporting new materials, it is based on environmental protection and brings huge economic benefits to the society. Bring sustainable social benefits.

It is reported that this forum is based on the integration of innovative resources, innovation and transformation of innovation results, including policy reports, high-end forums, summit dialogues, media interviews, results display, project promotion, strategic cooperation negotiations, capital docking, projects. Signing and other forms. Over the years, with the attention of relevant leaders, the forum has become a national innovation brand activity promoted by China's domestic research and development, and has become an important platform to promote the construction of China's technology innovation system, accelerate regional economic innovation and enhance the innovation capability of enterprises! Let us look forward to the outstanding performance of Gubert in the 8th China Entrepreneur Forum!