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car auto polisher

Date: Jul 29, 2019

  Coating and sealing glaze are two different lacquer care services. The coating does not require a shaking machine and is completely manual. The sealing glaze must be shock car auto polisher. The principle of the shock car auto polisher is to make the protective layer more in contact with the lacquer surface by means of vibration squeezing, and strengthen the adhesion with the lacquer surface, thereby prolonging the aging of the protective lacquer.

car auto polisher

  At present, there is a big flaw in the shock car auto polisher on the market.

  This defect is the high demand of people's operating skills, that is, the equipment speed is too fast (6000r / min), resulting in high temperature damage during the operation process, causing certain damage to the paint, and the loss of paint on the paint during operation. General equipment polishing can be operated up to 5 times.

  Our equipment--shock car auto polisher, because of its unique design, can minimize the wear and tear on the paint of the polishing machine.

  Therefore, our equipment can be polished 15 times for the same car!

car auto polisher

  There may not be much difference in appearance, but the technology contained in it is real.

  Fundamentally innovate technology and protect customers' car to the greatest extent!

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