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What is a steam car wash?

Date: Aug 02, 2019

What is a steam car wash?

What is a steam car wash?

A mobile steam car wash machine is a device that can generate enough pressure and gas to clean the car.

Mobile steam car wash machine for flexible cleaning, using the principle of steam thermal degradation, using soft steam to combine, soften, expand, and separate the dirt attached to the surface of the car, and then use a clean rag towel to remove the remaining dirt and a little water stain; steam cleaning helps The protection of the paint surface, the cleaning of the gap, and the lack of water content does not damage the circuit, and can effectively clean the automobile engine, the instrument panel, the air conditioning port, etc.; while cleaning with steam, while drying, a process can smoothly clean the car. The operation is simpler and faster.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in mobile steam car wash machine. However, mobile steam car wash machine is the most suitable cleaning method for car paint protection. It is the most widely used cleaning method and the most environmentally friendly cleaning method.

What is a steam car wash?

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Mobile steam car wash machine features

· Save water, no pollution, and protect the environment.

· Flexible and unfixed footprint.

· No need for a sewage treatment system, with minimal initial investment.

· Can be community-based without store operations, with less investment and quick results.

· Provide door-to-door monthly service to improve car owner satisfaction.

· Single-person cleaning of a car in ten minutes, with high efficiency.

· Deep decontamination of the car surface, washing the car clean and thorough.

What is a steam car wash?

· Steam disinfection in the car to prevent various diseases.

· Soft steam does not grind the body.

· Effectively eliminates leather odors.

· Effective deodorization, especially for difficult to wash parts of air conditioning ports.

· High-temperature steam effectively decomposes oil and cleans the car's engine.

· The steam evaporates quickly, no residue, and it is not easy to cause water corrosion.

· Easy to operate.