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Will steam car wash damage the car paint?

Date: Aug 02, 2019

Car owners are more concerned about the high temperature of steam washing, which has a great impact on the paint. After several training and tests, the temperature at which the steam reaches the paint is not very high,

Will steam car wash damage the car paint?

only about 40 degrees, so the paint is applied. The damage does not exist.

We can understand the principle of steam car wash firstly:

Steam car wash is to first turn the water into steam, the steam is quickly condensed into water on the surface of the car body, and the dirt is quickly washed away by steam pressure. The steam can be disinfected and decontaminated, and has strong thermal degradation physical properties. It can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of sediment and stains. The dirt is softened by heat and can be easily removed under pressure steam injection. When the high pressure is sprayed on the surface of the car body, the low temperature steam ejected from the steam is 50 degrees Celsius, and the steam pressure reaches 220-260 m/s (the flow rate exceeds the level of hurricane), so that the pollutants adhering to the surface of the paint are swept away.

Will steam car wash damage the car paint?

The steam used for car washing is low-temperature steam, which does not exceed the limit temperature of the paint and rubber. The paint temperature is baked at a temperature of 170 degrees in the paint room. As long as it does not exceed this temperature, the paint and rubber parts of the car are absolutely No harm will occur.

The steam temperature at the outlet of the steam car washing machine is 100-120 degrees Celsius, but in the process of washing the car, the mouth of the spray gun is 8-10 cm away from the body. After the steam is ejected 10 cm from the exit, the temperature will be dispersed. Going to a part, the steam temperature is only about 50 degrees at this time, and the human hand can directly touch it, so it does not hurt the paint at all. In the summer, especially the black car, placed under the sun, the surface temperature of the paint is 60 degrees, the steam cleaning is only 50 degrees and it is far from the paint, and the steam will decompose the surface of the car. Sludge, make it rinse quickly.