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Wheel cutting machine

Date: Aug 02, 2019

At present, most of the world's wheel cutting machine are from China. Both the shape and the core system are made in China. The equipment logos and other information you may see are local brands. In fact, they are all OEMs. The way to customize your own products from Chinese suppliers.

Wheel cutting machine

Especially in recent years, the aluminum alloy car wheels on the market are visible, this huge market is a good place for the Nuggets! Therefore, businessmen from all over the world came to China to investigate the actual situation of equipment and the basic situation of suppliers.

One of these suppliers is receiving state support and plans to cultivate as a leading company in the industry. This is not only recognition of the company, but also recognition of technology, encouragement and support for industry rookies, and even after the car. A reshuffle of market services, truly survive the fittest, purify the market!

Wheel cutting machine

Shanghai GUBOT Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. independently researched and developed the automatic wheel cutting machine, which abandoned the drawbacks of the original machine tool design, and revolutionized the status quo of the traditional wheel drawing equipment!

The control system avoids all the complicated operational drawbacks of the traditional machine tool, and at the same time fully develops and upgrades and has the automatic upgrade function, which truly realizes the simple operation that other similar products can't achieve!