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Fully Automatic Alloy Wheel Repair Machine

Date: Oct 22, 2019

  Our GBT-LSC100 is that the latest technology for diamond cut alloy wheels.

Fully Automatic Alloy Wheel Repair Machine

  The fully Automatic Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair Machine from Gubot provides you with the very best quality and reasonable price on the market.

  More and more new cars are using alloy wheels as a standard because the wheels look shiny and beautiful than steel wheels. With this modification, the alloy wheel market for diamond cut wheel repairs is increasing very quickly. If you don't get prepared early than others, you will loss the customers.

  Diamond cut is an alloy wheel that has been placed on a shaper and a part of or the complete painted surface of the wheel machined off to go away a shiny alloy end. a tiny low a part of the particular alloy is machined off to form this end. It’s then lacquered over to stop corrosion.

Fully Automatic Alloy Wheel Repair Machine

  Here are the advantages of our machine:

  • Digital improvement package package

  • Touch screen controller

  • Wheel profile storage-wheel library

  • Automatic working man searching

  • Whole forged iron base

  • X&Z axis servo motors-controlled cut

  • Fully metallic element approved

  • Diamond cut alloy wheels up to 28 inches