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car cleaning supplies

Date: Aug 12, 2019

  Shanghai Gubot Automobile technology co.,ltd is one of the famous car wash and detaling brand franchise company .They are good car cleaning suppliers,they have many different kinds of the car cleanig products.The introduction is as below:

car cleaning supplies

  Palm Wax

  Main ingredient

  Polymer composite silicone oil, solvent


  It has good water extraction and gloss, breaks through the shortcomings of traditional solid wax, and has decontamination effect, no damage to car paint, anti-acid rain and anti-aging, forming a protective film on the surface of car paint, the effect lasts for 2 months. Equivalent to washing 8 times.

  Paint surface beauty polishing wax

  Main ingredient

  Polymer silicone oil, emulsifier


  This product is mainly used on the surface of dark body, and the concentration is high. After use, the body is as bright as a mirror, which is resistant to acid rain, ultraviolet rays, flying stones and bird cocks. Let the car last longer and last for 14 days.

car cleaning supplies

  Glass grinding powder

  Main ingredient

  Surfactant, Emulsifier


  This product is for the oil film on the car glass to remove, does not harm the glass, does not corrode the strip wiper, so that all kinds of coating effect is more durable.

  Aroma car washer(1:200)

  Rich in foam, strong decontamination ability, easy to remove oil stains on the body surface

  Bright plating crystal essence

  The product reacts with oxygen in the air to form crystals. The crystal has high stability, high temperature resistance and strong crystal stability. It not only adheres to the paint surface, but also penetrates into the gap between the paint and improves the hardness of the paint.

  Interior multifunctional washer

  Contains no irritating chemicals, quickly decomposes organic stains, does not hurt your hands and the leather, and has antibacterial and deodorizing functions.

  Shellac remover

  The product can quickly remove shellac and bird droppings without damaging the paint.

  Engine washer

  It can quickly clean the surface of the engine oil, can not be mixed with water, and does not remain after washing.