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How to choose a car washing machine

Date: Aug 13, 2019

  The choice of car washing machine is a headache for many novice bosses or agents. Many people have never used a car washing machine before. In addition, there are too many types of car washing machines on the market, and people are easily replaced by many brands. The product is confusing, do not know how to start, we will analyze from a professional point of view, thus helping the majority of car wash shop owners, beauty shop owners, agents, dealers to make better choices.

How to choose a car washing machine

  01. Brand selection

  There are a lot of car washing machine brands and products on the market. As consumers, we should first determine the brand of our intention before choosing the car washing machine, and choose some big brands or well-known brands, so that we can choose ourselves. The products are more secure in terms of quality.

  02. Look at sales, see word of mouth

  We can understand the sales of car washing machines on the online platform and determine the brand of their intention through the comparison of the sales volume of a car washing machine. A good car washing machine product naturally has more people to recognize and buy. GUBOT car washing machine ranks in the front row of sales, and a variety of machine models have become the explosive products of online platforms. It has a very high popularity and excellent reputation. Such a brand is an ideal choice for consumers. Let's take a look at the word-of-mouth of car washing machines. Many users are very much aware of the GUBOT car washing machine. They feel the convenience, speed and high performance of the GUBOT car washing machine in actual use. It saves water and labor, saves the environment, and can clean the engine and air conditioner. Pipes, interiors and evaporation cans, etc., also have ozone function to sterilize and remove odor, and experience the high cost performance of GUBOT car washing machine.

How to choose a car washing machine

  03. Look at technology and see strength

  Gubot was founded in Florence in 1962 and is favored by the upper class for its superb Italian craftsmanship. It is a world-class supplier of automotive beauty products. For more than half a century, Gubot has served 80 million in 65 countries. The owner of this car, its luxurious low-key, stylish and elegant image has been deeply rooted in people's hearts.

  In 2015, Shanghai GUBOT Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. launched the operation and promotion of the Gubot brand in mainland China. The company has introduced advanced technologies and concepts while working with many well-known research institutions and universities in China.

  In order to realize technology, we constantly increase research and development efforts, and constantly innovate the automotive after-sales market. We have launched nano-cleaning and beauty systems, wheel repair systems, Automatice wheel sprayers, and individual spray systems to provide new sustainable services for the traditional automotive aftermarket. service.

How to choose a car washing machine

  The company has a strong R&D team. The products developed are rich in content and leading in equipment technology. At present, it has obtained more than 100 patents and obtained more than 10 certificates issued by the government. The company keeps up with the trend of the times and policy planning, taking energy conservation and environmental protection as the starting point, using disruptive technology and innovative marketing model to develop and produce a series of innovative technology products and equipment, professional technical training and science for the traditional automobile aftermarket. The management operation has won the praise of customers, and the profit of the brand has been formed in the industry.