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Car wash and beauty maintain project

Date: Aug 13, 2019

  1.Painted film

  Paint coating

  Paint coating is a new generation of paint protection technology after car wash. Automotive coatings use inorganic coatings, which are not easy to oxidize coatings. It can effectively increase the brightness of the body paint surface, covering the coating layer on the surface of the car, and will not be oxidized by external factors such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain to disappear.

  Advantages: UV protection, acid rain, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Car wash and beauty maintain project

  2. Painted crystals

  Paint surface plating

  Automotive plating is the most advanced automotive paint surface protection solution. After construction, it forms a layer of protective crystal on the surface of the paint to enhance the hardness and brightness of the paint surface, and achieve the special effect of UV protection and scrubbing protection. Car paint, plated crystal is very durable, generally can last for more than a year.

  Advantages: scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, no cracking, easy to clean, antistatic, brighter, strong water, super value, etc.

  3. Painted crystals

  Invisible clothing

  [Protect paint]: It can prevent stones and slight scratches, even if the key is scratched, it will not damage the original paint.

Car wash and beauty maintain project

  [High brightness]: It has a certain ability to cover scratches, and maintains a high body brightness, which improves the paint's 30% brightness.

  [Self-repairing]: The coated transparent protective film can automatically repair fine scratches such as car wash sun rays.

  [Water-repellent and anti-fouling]: It comes with anti-fouling and waterproof coating when car wash process, which can prevent the carcass, bird droppings, gums and other corrosive car paints from being easy to take care of.

  [Protection method]: The paint is protected by physical means, and the paint is removed in 3-5 years without damaging the paint. The used car is more valuable.

  [Time and energy]: Passive accident, the film can enter the insurance claims; and small rubs, no need to paint, no risk, save time and worry.