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Car wash machine

Date: Aug 13, 2019

  The single function of the car wash machine is a common social phenomenon in the market, and the idea that the car wash machine is used to wash the car only is gradually formed. Since there is no new car wash equipment that breaks the concept, people's requirements for car washing machines have not been improved!

Car wash machine

  Moreover, the equipment on the market has a serious old-fashioned and unpredictable disaster status .from the view of appearance or function, it has been unable to keep up with people's growing demand and aesthetics!

  Therefore, there is a force of innovation and change in the calm. Shanghai Gubot Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. breaks the old concept, conforms to the trend of the times, takes technology as its core competitiveness, and develops the latest nano-steam technology for car washing machine. The field sets a new benchmark to point the market and provide better services for consumers!

Car wash machine

  Nano-steam not only reduces the temperature of the steam, but also effectively protects the car surface paint, while saving resources.

  In terms of design, it is designed with cold-rolled sheet materials and engineering mechanics principles to provide customers with first-class nano steam car wash machine safer and more efficient!