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Gubot car wash equipment and wheel repair machine - you dese

Date: Aug 15, 2019

  Gubot is a chain of Chinese auto repair and direct alliances, and a strong advocate of the concept of “people, cars and life”.

Gubot car wash equipment and wheel repair machine - you dese

  Gubot is one of the automotive beauty products, steam washing machine suppliers and wheel repair machine suppliers. Founded in Florence, Italy in 1962, Gubot is dedicated to serving luxury car users such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Bugatti Veyron. With its exquisite Italian craftsmanship, Gubot has been favored by the upper class. In 54 years, Gubot has served 80 million in 65 countries. *, its luxurious low-key, stylish and elegant image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  In 2015, Gu Baite launched the operation and promotion of the brand in mainland China, and cooperated with many well-known institutions of higher learning in China to realize the technology.

Gubot car wash equipment and wheel repair machine - you dese

  With 49 years of technology accumulation, Gubot has a distinct differentiation in product segmentation, covering all automotive maintenance areas. In recent years, Gubot has been adhering to the philosophy of “Technology,” and the company has continuously increased its research and development efforts and continued to innovate in the automotive field. It has successively launched beauty systems, nano-cleaning systems, headlight systems, wheel hub systems, car paint systems, dazzling systems and features. Auto-repair projects such as systems have once again led the industry trend.

  The company has more than 50 professional R&D personnel with rich working experience in the field of precision motion control. After 3 years of market observation and research, it combines the advantages and disadvantages of all wheel repair machines on the market and creates a powerful function. Cost-effective, time-saving and easy-to-operate fully automatic wheel repai machine.

Gubot car wash equipment and wheel repair machine - you dese

  Aluminum alloy wheel drawing machine features

  1. Gubot's newly developed wheel professional professional automatic wheel drawing repairing machine tool, all the wheels can be perfectly drawn without any manual programming.

  2. Data intelligent storage, reusable processing

  3. The lathe speed is high, the working state can reach more than 2500 rpm, and the speed can be adjusted

  4. Fool-like operation, one-button start, for different hubs, only one key operation can be used to obtain hub processing data