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Aluminum alloy wheel repair machine features

Date: Aug 15, 2019

  1. Gubot's newly developed professional automatic wheel repairing machine tool, all the wheels can be perfectly drawn without any manual programming.

  2. Data intelligent storage, reusable processing

  3. The lathe speed is high, the working state can reach more than 2500 rpm, and the speed can be adjusted

  4. Fool-like operation, one-button start, for different hubs, only one key operation can be used to obtain hub processing data

Aluminum alloy wheel repair machine features

  Operating range:

  1. It can realize point pulling, local damage does not need to draw the whole surface, saving time and effort

  2. Can change the ordinary spraying wheel into a brushed metal effect

  3. Brushed wheel damage can be directly repaired, energy saving and environmental protection

  4. It can be repaired, or it can be personalized.

Aluminum alloy wheel repair machine features

  Shanghai Gubot professional wheel repair machine manufacturer, for the repair of car wheel hub wire drawing, color change, wheel hub scratch repair, to ensure the original parts are repaired under the premise, the color degree is maintained for a longer time, the warranty is three years. Let the car's brushed wheels be completely renewed.