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Gubot wheel repair machine Chengzhao agent, welcome to consu

Date: Aug 15, 2019

  Gubot automatic wheel repair machine project grand investment, Gubot automatic wheel repair machine has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, rare invention - wheel drawing technology.

Gubot wheel repair machine Chengzhao agent, welcome to consu

  The drawing hub itself is a kind of craftsmanship with distinct layers and very dynamic and bright. The owner often scrapes the surface of the wheel during driving, causing the surface of the wheel to be dull, losing its own brightness, repairing and repairing the damaged wire-drawing wheel. After the light is as new! The drawing of the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel hub, the previous wheel repair machine, low efficiency and slow speed.

  Therefore, Gubot has developed a new generation of fully automatic hub wire drawing machine in 3 years. Through NC full-function computer programming, digital control, automatic processing of various wheel thickness and fine knife surface, an advanced wire drawing repairing machine has a high speed. The working state can reach more than 3000 rpm, and the speed can be adjusted. And does not occupy the site, the shape specification is 1700*1200*1700mm. High degree of automation, can adapt to complex wheel hub processing. For different hubs, only the hub curve function is needed, the machining data of the hub can be obtained, and the obtained curve data can be saved for repeated processing. The large-size pull-up 28-inch wheel can achieve partial repair and drawing effect. The entire lathe is easy to use and simple to operate, and can be used with a little training.

Gubot wheel repair machine Chengzhao agent, welcome to consu

  Even those who do not have a basic CNC can master it in one hour, with a small footprint, easy operation, high survival rate, and complete all drawing processes in ten minutes.

  Today, China's auto professional maintenance market gap continues to expand, sophisticated maintenance equipment, high-tech technical means, systematic maintenance process is the market dominate.