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Car beauty project after car wash process

Date: Aug 20, 2019

  Maybe a few cars painted with the car beauty project after car wash process at the same time in front of you, as the owner of the car we can not tell which car beauty project on the car surface. because several projects seem having the same function to make the car brighten Car paint and keep the paint shiny.

  However, from the construction process, the price to the retention time, the effect, there are great differences, the following is to distinguish the majority of car owners.

Car beauty project after car wash process

  1..Paint waxing

  Paint surface waxing

  The car wax is applied to a special waxed sponge, and then applied in a reciprocating straight line in a certain order. Keeping the time for about one or two months, the rainy weather is shorter, just like cleaning the face and then putting on Dabao, it is a relatively simple paint maintenance.

  Advantages: good effect, cheap

  Disadvantages: short effect cycle, need to be waxed frequently to maintain the effect.

  2..Paint cover glaze

  Paint glaze

Car beauty project after car wash process

  Sealing glaze after car wash process is the high-speed vibration and friction of the shocking machine with soft wool or sponge. The glaze molecules are strongly penetrated into the surface of the car and the gap of the paint by the unique permeability and adhesion of the glaze. After the glaze, the body paint surface can reach or exceed the original car paint effect, so that the old car is updated, the new car is brighter, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, sealing, oxidation resistance, brightness enhancement, water washing resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The foundation of car beauty, baking varnish and renovation. Sealing glaze is a substitute for waxing.

  Advantages: one level higher than waxing

  Disadvantages: There may be damage to the paint surface, and there are few such projects.