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Gubot nano steam car wash equipment

Date: Aug 20, 2019

  At present, there are many steam car washing machine in the global market, and also there are several equipment suppliers which are fine in this line . But what I want to share with my friends is that many famous steam equipment that you can search for now has certain drawbacks, which is the single function and the higher steam temperature , which will cause certain damage to the body paints during the car wash process. ! These two drawbacks are also the reason why they are gradually marginalized!

Gubot nano steam car wash equipment

  Many people compare nano steam car wash equipment with steam equipment and even confuse them. So I need to spread the concept of nano-steam to everyone. Nano-steam is completely different from steam. Nano-steam is the first to achieve turning steam into nano-scale steam particles, which effectively removes stains and dust from car surfaces and corner cracks! Secondly, the problem of nano-steam temperature, nano-steam has completely reduced the temperature of steam to below 40 degrees Celsius, completely solving the problem of steam temperature damage to the paint!

  Therefore, nano-steam car washers and steam car washers are completely different concepts. They are not on one dimension. It is a ridiculous thing to compare the nano steam car wash machine and the steam wash machine ,and treat them as competitors!

  Customers should establish the correct concept and correctly treat the nano-steam car wash machine!