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How to clean the dust when you do car wash in shop ?

Date: Aug 26, 2019

1, do not directly wipe the surface dust

When you find that there is more floating dust on the surface of the car body, do not wipe it directly with a brush or a towel. The correct way is to let the water rinse off the surface and then wipe it with a brush to ensure that the paint surface is not damaged when you do car wash.

How to clean the dust when you do car wash in shop ?

2, clean air conditioning filter

In the summer, the air conditioner filter should also be cleaned. If the cleaning is not done timely, the dust will enter the car along the air duct when the air conditioner is turned on, polluting the air inside the car. Its position is usually behind the front driver's glove box or at the left front of the front part of the car. It should not be ignored when cleaning the car.

3, clean the air filter

The air filter provides clean air for the normal operation of the engine and extends the life of the engine. In the dusty weather, the dust in the air is several times that of the past, and a large amount of dust particles are adsorbed on the air filter, which affects the air intake effect.

4, clean the water tank / condenser

Some impurities will accumulate in the condenser and the water tank, affecting heat dissipation, and properly cleaning the water tank and condenser to ensure normal operation in the future.

How to clean the dust when you do car wash in shop ?

5, cleaning the wiper

The nuances of the body should be cleaned in time. For example, if the wiper is used without cleaning, it is very likely to scratch the glass. This should be noted.

6, clean the door gap when do car wash

It is also a place where sand dust likes to hide, because most car owners are easy to ignore. If there is a "squeaky" noise when opening the door in the dusty days, it may not be a problem with the door, but the sand in the crack of the door is working, and it will be fine to wipe it carefully.

In addition, the seat, the storage compartment, the upper part of the center console should be cleaned once. Remember to use special cleaning agent and clean soft cloth. The inside and outside of the car should not be mixed to avoid secondary pollution while you are doing car wash.