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Car wash key point after painting your car

Date: Aug 26, 2019

1, pick up the car, check the basic situation

The owners should spray the paint,so firstly send the car to the professional car painting center, the service consultant reception, communicate with the car owners on the painting parts and prices, and after the vehicle is inspected and confirmed, the bill is handed over, and the construction order is handed over to the workshop. It takes about an hour, finally to do car wash.

Car wash key point after painting your car

2, disassemble and repair

The sheet metal division, get the construction order to start the repair, involves disassemble and repair, need to disassemble and repair, and restore the original position, depending on the location and area of the repair, it is expected to be a big station, generally need Two to three hours. Note: Except for the repair or disassemble of sheet metal.

3, the sheet metal repair is completed, handed over to the paint, the treatment before painting

After the sheet metal repair is flat, many car owners think that it should be faster, spray paint on. In fact, the longer time is the treatment before painting, cleaning the repair surface, assessing how to work, and shielding Repair the painting part, there are 12 procedures for the treatment, if the primer is broken, it is necessary to do anti-rust treatment. The time required for these processes is about 2-5 hours.

4, after the treatment before painting,and then to paint

There are several steps in car painting, in simple terms, anti-corrosive paint, putty, primer, intermediate primer, topcoat. These are all the steps in the paint room. It feels very simple. In fact, the paint is doing well and badly. The time is about 2-4 hours, and the most important step in the middle is toning.

5, paint surface treatment, to trachoma, mirror treatment

This is our common grinding, polishing and waxing, this time is about 1-2 hours.

Car wash key point after painting your car

6, quality inspection, car wash

By the time of this step, you can inform the customer of the time of picking up the car. Generally, this step is about half an hour or so.

The above is the case where the damage is relatively large,

Need this time.

For these spray paints that require sheet metal repair or disassemble,

Not a job that can be done in an hour or two,

So the owners need a little patience.