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Car wash when its rain

Date: Aug 26, 2019

After the car is drenched by rain,someone think it can save a car wash service fee. Actually this rain is not the “nectar” in the imagination, but the “sulfuric acid” that will hurt the car. Today, we will talk about the main points of maintenance of the vehicle after the rain. You may wish to refer to the reference for the car maintenance after the rain.

Car wash when its rain

First step, dehumidification in the car

In fact, dehumidification work should be done when it rains. Cold air should be turned on when it rains, which not only removes the mist, but also dehumidifies. When the rain stops, you should pay more attention to it. The accumulated moisture should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise it will be prone to mildew and other conditions. In addition to the air-conditioning dehumidification in the car, it is best to buy a simple dehumidification box, so that the car parts are not easy to get wet after overnight. In addition, a roll of toilet paper in the car also has the effect of dehumidification.

After the rain, in addition to the door welding and the welded parts of the car body, it is easy to rust and corrode. The iron parts such as hinges and locks inside the door are easily covered by the door trim, so the owner can find a cool place when the weather is fine. Place all the doors and trunk lids open, so that the moisture inside the car is exhausted and ventilated.

The second step is sterilization in the car.

After the rain, due to temperature and other factors, it is easier to breed various germs, so it is especially important to disinfect and sterilize the interior space. The places to be cleaned should be seats, air conditioning vents, central control panels and dead corners. Use a professional car interior cleaner and wipe with a dry rag. When cleaning the center console, prevent the cleaning agent from penetrating into electrical components such as CDs, speakers, and radios to corrode electrical components.

Car wash when its rain

And also the final standard car wash service to the engine the air conditioner , the mat and the trunk is very necessary after the rain to protect your car.