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Car washing related mistake you could make

Date: Aug 26, 2019

Frequent car washing

Some car owners wash their cars every day in order to keep their cars as new. In fact, frequent car washing can easily damage the protective film formed by the car paint after waxing or sealing, and lose the car cosmetic effect. In addition, if you accidentally get wet of the car air conditioning system during car washing, it will also cause damage. Frequent car washing will also keep the car wet for a long time and accelerate the oxidation reaction of the metal. Therefore, car wash should be moderate, and should not be carried out under the scorching sun.

Car washing related mistake you could make

Frequent to start the engine

Some people, although they bought a car, are reluctant to open. There are also car owners who have been on a self-driving tour, in order to let the car "rest for a while", put it for a month or two. In fact, the drive system of the car engine and the gearbox needs to be operated to achieve the best condition. If it is placed for too long, it will corrode and rust. The battery will also lose power due to the long-term placement of the vehicle. Therefore, the engine must be started periodically to charge the battery.

Concerning the frequent car washing,which protect the paints . The frequent to start the engine ,which protect the engine.

So i remind the majority of car owners: the correct maintenance of the car, in order to better protect the car and extend the life of the car.