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Correct operation of the car wash

Date: Aug 30, 2019

Correct operation of the car wash

  Warning one:

  Don’t go to the car without any problems.

  Many people care about the appearance of their cars (especially those with cleanliness). If they have nothing to do, they will wash the car. Although they will feel the car look good for a while, it will accelerate the oxidation of the paint surface for a long time.

  The correct way: generally use the car in the city, wash it once every two weeks (avoid the whole car is mud and not wash).

  Warning 2:

  How fast is the engine water? NO!

Correct operation of the car wash

  Xiaogu in the community or roadside car wash store, saw a lot of water guns directly flush the engine, yes, and soon washed, but, you know? As I said before, it can't be washed with cold water at high temperature. The engine is the place with the highest temperature of the whole car. If the internal structure is damaged or even cracked, I am afraid you are not afraid.

  In addition, it should be noted that the brake disc is flushed. Generally speaking, the water in the brake system will evaporate spontaneously due to the temperature rise during braking, so it will not be affected much in summer. But, if you frequently try the brakes before washing the car, it is not recommended to rinse with cold water immediately, as the above said.