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Classification of steam washing machines

Date: Aug 30, 2019

  1, from the principle of production steam. It is divided into two types: boiler steam generator and instant boiler, which are common steam generators and second-generation steam engines.

  The boiler steam-steam car washing machine uses a common electric heating boiler, inserts the electric heating pipe into the closed boiler, energizes the water temperature of the boiler to become high-pressure high-temperature steam, and then releases it; that is, the hot steam washing machine adopts a special design and passes The electromagnetic pump allows a small amount of water to pass through the heating element, and absorbs heat during the flow to vaporize into steam. The electric heating tube does not contact water (water and electricity separation), and the pressure is the highest outlet pressure of the water pump, which is safer, starts faster, and pressure does not decay. .

Classification of steam washing machines

  2. Look at the heating method. Divided into electric heating system and gas heating system.

  In addition to the excellent cleaning effect, the steam washing machine is characterized by no sewage and is very suitable for use in parking lots. The car park washes the car, that is, in addition to no sewage, the car wash is more convenient. However, most common steam engines are electric heating devices, which require an external power supply and are limited by the power supply line. Although the community parking lot can be solved by pulling wires or wiring, the movement is still not convenient. This is the direct reason why electric heating steam engines cannot be widely promoted in the community.