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Steam car wash machine development trend

Date: Sep 17, 2019

  With the development of the economy, cars have grown violently, and many families have their own private cars. This has led to a series of booming developments in the automotive derivatives industry. Steam car washing machine manufacturers? The current society is a fast-paced society. Few people with private cars take the time to wash their own cars, which gives the car wash shop a full development opportunity. The reason why the owner of the car will drive to the car wash to wash the car is because of the following reasons. First, I don't have time to wash my car myself. After a day of exhausted work, I don't think about going to my own car wash, so it's better to spend a few minutes to let others wash. Second, there is no venue to provide car wash, which leads to the inability to wash the car by yourself. Therefore, the car wash industry is a promising industry.

Steam car wash machine development trend

  As a new force in the car wash industry, car washing machines, steam washing machines, mobile car washing machines, etc., are essential cleaning tools for our car maintenance. Although the fees for traditional car wash and steam car wash are similar, there is a world of difference in time, efficiency, manpower and material resources.

  1. In time, it takes about 10 minutes for manual car wash, and only 2 to 3 minutes for car washing machine. Efficiency is wealth, time goes by business opportunities. This not only saves the car wash time and expands the number of car washes, but also reduces the time for customers to wait for car wash and avoids the loss of customers.

  2, car wash shop car wash workers are generally scarce, the use of automatic car washing machine can avoid the shortage of labor, improve the efficiency of car wash.

Steam car wash machine development trend

  3. The computer washing machine and automatic washing machine developed by the new technology are more likely to attract customers than the hand washing, and can greatly increase their economic income.

  4, the car washing machine can completely use circulating water equipment, the water consumption can be reduced by 1/3 in the original, more effective and rational use of water resources, energy saving and environmental protection