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How do you clean the vent of car air conditioner with steam

Date: Sep 23, 2019

  The air conditioning system provides the driver with a comfortable ride. However, when the car is driving, a large amount of dust and dirt will be added to the air inlet of the air conditioner, and it will be adsorbed on the inner side of the air duct. In a high-humidity environment, a large amount of bacteria will be born, which will endanger human health.Then how do we use a steam car washer to clean the vents of the car air conditioner?

How do you clean the vent of car air conditioner with steam

  The air inlet and outlet of the air conditioning system and the control panel are mostly hard plastic materials. The contaminated dirt is simple, and the dust is basically settled. Since the air conditioning vent has a grid, it is very troublesome to clean. Although the stain components in the air conditioner are easy to clean, due to its structural design, manual cleaning is very troublesome. It is recommended to use a steam car wash machine ner for cleaning.

  When cleaning the air conditioning vent with a steam car washing machine, first open the doors on both sides of the car to find out the position of the air inlet and outlet and the air filter (some models have no air filter). When cleaning, use steam. The high-pressure steam from the steam gun of the washing machine is directed at the air inlet, and a large amount of steam and some dust and dirt inside are emitted from the outlet on the other side of the air conditioner. After spraying multiple inlets and outlets, the internal dust will be shocked out, and finally the washed out stains will be wiped off with a dry towel. Steam can not only remove dust, dust and stains inside the air conditioner with high quality and high efficiency, and even some internal bacteria will be killed by high temperature steam. The car air conditioner cleaned with steam blows out clean and healthy air, which is harmless to our body.

How do you clean the vent of car air conditioner with steam

  Finally, there is no need to add any cleaning agent when cleaning the car air conditioner. When cleaning, the doors on both sides must be opened to facilitate the discharge of steam and ensure the drying and non-humidity inside the car. Steam is the most effective way to clean the air conditioning vents.

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