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The advantage of the steam car wash machine

Date: Oct 24, 2019

The water consumption of steam car wash machine is very small, there is no sewage discharge, energy conservation and environmental protection, which saves a lot of water resources for water deficient cities and benefits the residents' living water.

The advantage of the steam car wash machine

Steam car washer No need to use chemical cleaners to ensure the body is not corroded.

It is not easy to clean the dust accumulated in the parts between the inner and outer gaps of the vehicle.

• dirt that cannot be completely removed after the engine cleaner is used.

Clean the edges and gaps of the trunk and other parts that are not easy to wash.

The sealing strip and clearance on the window are not easy to clean.

It is not easy to clean the dust accumulation at the air outlet of the air conditioner, so as to ensure that the ventilation pipe is unblocked, kill the latent bacteria, remove the dust accumulation, etc.

Dust is accumulated on the side seams of the door panel, instrument panel, steering wheel, leather seat, ashtray, etc. in the car that are not easy to clean.

• all sanitary dead corners that are not easy to wipe with a rag.

Use pure water to clean the body and restore the original paint.

• save water and do your best for future generations.

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The advantage of the steam car wash machine

In recent years, steam car washing is a noble steam beauty advanced care service rising in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. High pressure steam can be disinfected and decontaminated. It has a unique thermal decomposition function. It can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of sediment and stains, and make them separate from the attached car surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The steam car wash mcachine basic principle is as follows: washing shirts with cold water and hot water are very different results! The steam car washing machine is a new type of car washing machine with ultra-low water emission.

It cleans the whole body, inner chamber, tire and underbody by the high-pressure steam from the spray gun. The basic principle is "high-pressure high-temperature thermal decomposition" solution. High pressure is used to remove the stains attached to the surface, and high temperature (50 ℃ - 100 ℃) is used to improve the activity of stains "molecules" for high-pressure washing. Avoid the scratch of the car body and the damage of the surface protection layer caused by wiping the car body hard.

With the rapid increase of car ownership and the increasing consumer awareness of car owners, car washing is the most common and important car care project, and the required service quality is quite high.

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