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Advantages of steam car wash equipment

Date: Oct 30, 2019

As a professional steam car wash equipment supplier,we offer car wash machines all oven the world.

Advantages of steam car wash equipment

Why?Because our machine has many advantages.

1: Our steam car wash equipment has many uses, including high-pressure water gun, nano gasification, ozone sterilization and high-level cleaning. It solves all problems in the automotive cleaning industry. Compared with the traditional car wash machine,the steam car wash equipment can achieve a more comprehensive and deeper cleaning.

2. In terms of technical content, the steam car wash equipment adopts plasma frequency conversion heating technology, which can form liquid water into constant temperature and high pressure nano-scale water molecules, and has the effect of quickly and seamlessly removing dirt. It can decontaminate deep into the paint and does not harm the paint.

3. Conserve water. It takes only one glass of water to clean a car. In some places, environmental inspections are very demanding and we can be very environmentally friendly. Steam car wash equipment is fully approved by the environmental protection department and supported by the government.

Advantages of steam car wash equipment

4. It can work continuously and the steam pressure is still stable.

5. All basic materials for this machine are of the highest quality, not only for long service life, but also without other failures.

High quality Steam car wash equipment is worth your while. Quality, reasonable price and good service, welcome consulting, ordering!