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How do you get the full effect of the steam car wash machine?

Date: Oct 30, 2019

Using a steam car wash machine you need to master the correct car wash method. Through the understanding of people's car wash methods, we found that many people did not seriously study the steam car wash method, or follow the old road of cold water car wash, the method is not clean. After receiving the steam washing machine, the user should read the manual carefully, or consult the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer to understand the correct method of steam washing, and practice until the master is mastered. Only the correct method can be used to wash the car it’s easily to clean the car.

How do you get the full effect of the steam car wash machine?

The second is to regularly maintain the steam car washing machine. When used, the impurities in the water will condense into scale, which will affect the steam pressure in the pipeline. The pressure will decrease, which will result in unclean cleaning and slow cleaning. In the instruction manual of the equipment, there is a detailed description to remind the user that the scale needs to be removed regularly, so that the steam washing machine can exert all the effects.

Steam car washing machine manufacturers introduce mobile steam washing machine plus one water can wash a few cars?

1. A adjust the dry humidity of the steam in advance according to the mud on the surface of the car;

B. spray neutral soil loose agent on the body surface to achieve the effect of degradation and loose dirt.

2. A start the overall construction of the front (rear) fender with the precision brush, and use the medium wet steam to treat the mud under the lower skirt, wheel shell and door handle until there is no mud obviously attached to the upper surface of the body;

B then wipe the dirt of skirt, wheel shell, tire and middle net with professional towel to ensure there is no stain or water stain.

3. A use a special towel with steam to treat the body surface, and clean the body surface structure one by one, so as to remove mud, loose agent, side seam dust and dirt.

B then dehydrate it with towel until there is no water attached to the body.

How do you get the full effect of the steam car wash machine?

4. A spray paint wax to cover the whole paint surface;

B. use two special towels to treat car paint and glass rearview mirror to achieve bright and clean.

5. A take out the foot pad, and use steam to deal with the floating dust, sediment and debris on the foot pad;

B clean the domestic trade, starting from the instrument panel, clean the side seam, air outlet, door handle, storage box, ashtray, etc., clean the dead corner of the interior one by one, to achieve a smooth, water-free trace and no pollution agent.

6. A open the engine cover and wipe the engine surface to make it dust-free, stain free and traceless;

B. after cleaning, the tailbox shall be free of floating dust, debris, sediment and sundries. All articles shall be arranged according to the original position, and shall not be placed or moved at will.


The mobile steam washing machine washes a car with water of 5 liters. According to the water tank capacity of 260 liters, 52 cars can be washed with one water. This quantity can be washed without stopping for a normal day.