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Mobile steam car wash machine prospect

Date: Oct 31, 2019

Mobile steam car wash machine,mobile cleaning car housekeeping services, diversified business models, easy to start a business. With a mobile steam car washer, you can start a business. You can enter the streets and alleys of the city. You can operate in stores, wait for customers to come to your door, or you can provide mobile door-to-door service. 1 + n diversified operation is flexible and convenient. You can clean the car body, car interior, car air conditioner, engine, etc.

Mobile steam car wash machine prospect

1. Energy saving: "mobile steam engine" car engine does not need to worry about technical difficulties and operation difficulties. It is a special product. It can achieve the magic effect of polishing and waxing once it is sprayed and rubbed. The surface is bright and clean, and it is not easy to dust.

2. Technology is easy to learn: "mobile steam car washer" technology is simple operation, not experience oriented, and can be learned after training.

3. Efficiency: "mobile steam car washer" is not only fast, all beauty projects are simple and fast, and the effect is better than traditional beauty methods.

4. Lower cost: "mobile steam car washing machine" each beauty project is only one fifth of the cost of traditional beauty methods.

5. Easy to move: the mobile car specially designed and developed by "mobile steam car washing machine" can enter the streets and alleys of the city. The car is equipped with a washing machine and has a car, including all the projects of the car washing and beauty salon.

Mobile steam car wash machine prospect

The mobile steam car wash machine is clean from the inside to the outside: in the four seasons of the year, the parts exposed to the outside and inside all year round will be aged due to different temperature differences, air, dust and other factors. Harmful bacteria in the car will become active with the increase of temperature, which will harm our health. Therefore, the vehicle should be maintained in time. If it is not maintained in time, it will leave a potential safety hazard for the healthy use of the car. Love car from inside to outside, need to do regular general cleaning and cleaning. So how can we take into account all the cleaning work inside and outside the vehicle? Steam cleaner to help you!

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it is the mobile steam wash machine by lpg gas tank .which no pollution to environment,low noise,very suppot by government.

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