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Gubot is one of the famous car wash equipment manufacturer

Date: Nov 01, 2019

Shanghai Gubot automobile technology co.,Ltd is one of the famous car wash equipment manufacturer.

From now on Gubot car wash equipment manufacturer. It have three style steam wash machine.GBT-NMA300, GBT-NMB100,GBT-NMB200.

Gubot is one of the famous car wash equipment manufacturer


The new technology steam car wash equipment with three guns.Two steam cleaning gun,one high pressure water gun.

First,You know many of us washing car by water.it’s just could wash the car surface,can’t wash the inner ,engery,air conditioning pipeline.Our machine use plasm high frequency heating,change the water to steam to clean the car.so it could washing the car inside,the engery,air conditioning pipeline,especially it could disinfection by high temperature sterilization.

Second,it’s save water.wash one car just need a litre of water.and not need additive.so it’s protect the car surface not be hurt .also our machine protect the environment and no pollution.high efficiency and wash more clean.

Gubot is one of the famous car wash equipment manufacturer

Third,the items of control,we use intergrated chip,main circuit board,control and execution of the original.contain(temperature sensor,water level sensor,pressure control sensor,auto power off ,circuit protection.most of the circuit original are siemens electronic products.PLC control center.so the products are more stable and could use for a long time.

Fourth,if we clean the engery,we must use the super dry gasification function.which use double “W” pipe row to ensure heated speed,efficiency,and more accurat and super dry.

Fifth,most of the pipeline connection accessries we use 304,316 stainless steel material ,and some of accessries are custom to ensure it’s quality and have a long using life.