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GUBOT steam car wash machine cleaning car

Date: Nov 01, 2019

Most people pay attention to the cleaning of the interior and surface of the car. In fact, the core of the car engine is the car that should be cleaned.

GUBOT steam car wash machine cleaning car

But how to clean it? Traditional car washing can't clean the engine compartment at all, Because a lot of water will damage the parts inside,So we should choose steam car wash machine.

Cleaning one car only use 1.2L water.

High pressure steam can not only disinfect, but also decontaminate. It has a unique thermal decomposition function. It can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of sediment and stains, and make them separate from the attached car surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Steam car wash machine has strong thermal degradation physical characteristics, which makes the contaminated objects on the surface of the car paint clear, and then wipe, so there is no harm to the car paint at all, plus neutral steam cleaning wax water will quickly solidify on the car paint surface, forming wax film to protect the paint surface.

GUBOT steam car wash machine cleaning car

The importance of useing steam car wash machine to clean the engine

The engine needs to be cleaned regularly. Peoples who have the car know that the engine of the car is very important. The engine cleaning can reduce the amount of carbon. If there is too much carbon, it may cause the body to shake when the engine is ignited. Need to pay attention!

Benefits of cleaning the engine compartment

The owners should pay attention to the regular safety inspection of the engine compartment to avoid high-pressure cleaning, because the water and cold water pressure will cause damage to the water in the circuit. Regular cleaning can reduce the corrosion caused by the oil leakage, which will reduce the spontaneous combustion rate of the car!

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