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Wheel CNC lathe machine’s sapre parts

Date: Nov 18, 2019

As we all know,Gubot wheel CNC lathe machine use the best spare parts.Because Gubot pay attention to the Brand.Our company pays great attention to the power of the brand and the influence of the brand. We don't want to have defective products on the market. We hope that we can expel the defective products in the market in the case of pricing standards.

Wheel CNC lathe machine’s sapre parts

Thus,About Gubot CNC lathe machine’s spare parts We want to intruduce the details.

1. We used Panasonic's high-precision, high-sensitivity laser detection machine imported from Taiwan.So we have a very high accuracy in the process of cutting the car wheels.What’s more,We can scan the wheel quickly,only need about 1.5min.

2. We have adopted a fully self-developed central control computer system, as long as you will operate Microsoft 7, you can operate this computer. Very easy to learn and very easy to operate.

3. The machine is cast in one piece. It does not shake during use and has a very long service life. The integrated casting process is complicated and difficult to construct, but for the smooth running of the machine, we are willing to use the expensive casting method in order to extend the service life of the machine. For our customer leaders, we also deeply spread the power of the brand.

Wheel CNC lathe machine’s sapre parts

4. Gubot Wheel CNC lathe machine has the ability to remotely control. The XYZ axis has three speed modes. The cutting position can be precisely adjusted.

Generally speaking, most machines on the market do not fully meet the advantages of these parts. But we have it. Our aim is to serve and car, and to serve people.

If you are interesteded in our Wheel CNC lathe machine,Plz feel free to contact us!